fringletulippinkCrossProcessBeyond the Yellow Door shares the life experiences of Marina Davies, a writer and photographer who suffers from chronic pain and illness. It is intended to shed light on the daily realities faced by the millions of people who struggle with invisible illnesses, as well as provide encouragement and inspiration for those who follow Rina’s journey.

The emphasis of the blog is more emotional than physical: it is less about the specific symptoms Rina experiences than it is about coping with the emotional effects of chronic illness. Beyond the Yellow Door also encompasses Rina’s life as a whole, not just the ongoing battle with her health.

It is an ongoing exploration of the human heart, its unexpected resilience and courage through both the brightest and the darkest times of life. The poems and vignettes shared here will be raw and honest, sometimes painful, sometimes beautiful… sometimes both. We invite you to share in this journey and discover how Beyond the Yellow Door is a place of hope and healing–the place that tells all our stories, regardless of the unique circumstances each of us face.

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The Meaning of the Yellow Door