There is a strange, wistful beauty to all shabby and forgotten things. This collection of photos focuses on abandoned buildings and the bittersweet progress of time.

Photos that tell a story. These stories are sometimes wistful or joyful and sometimes sorrowful, but they are always poignant and full of rare, unexpected loveliness. 

The incomparable glories of the wildlife with which we share our world: fierce, awe-inspiring predators and gentle creatures alike, captured in their natural environments.

Photos that portray fanciful worlds inhabited by veiled women, haunted houses, and lost goddesses. Mystery and wonder abound at every turn, drawing the viewer in.

These images invoke the splendor of Nature's most evocative season, along with its symbolism of peace, hope, and rebirth.

The long, golden days of summer that seem to never end: vibrant flowers, sapphire skies, verdant fields slowly turning sere beneath the sun.

The paradoxical nature of autumn is recorded in these photos, both its fiery beauty and the season's graceful descent into death and decay.

Photos featuring the unexpected elegance of this harsh time of year, from the sparkle of snow and ice to the festivity of winter berries.