Webhosting Special

The following costs cover reimbursement for adding friends to my Insty webhosting account, including both the one-time fee to upgrade my account and the extra monthly expense. The one-time fee is refundable until 11/26/17, and you are welcome to cancel your monthly subscription at any time if you wish to move to another hosting service or decide you no longer need webhosting. Reimbursement for any domains you purchase through my account will be billed separately as needed.

Your access to my Insty account comes with a webpage builder and the ability to create a separate C-Panel for your site(s). Insty is still in the process of creating a way to for users to have sub-accounts, at which point you will also have your own secure log-in, private dashboard, and e-mail newsletter/marketing capability. Until then, we are all sharing the same account, so please be respectful and only make changes to your own site(s).

Please contact me if you would like to have more than 4 separate domains/websites. I will need to run that by Insty first to make sure they will allow it.

Pay For An Entire Year of Webhosting Up Front $60 

OR Pay On A Monthly Basis $5/month, automatically debited from your Paypal account 

Cancel Your Webhosting At Any Time